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  1. Hello I got Torsion along time ago and now I want to use it but the www.garagegames.com is not available anymore and when it is I still cant get to my downloads parts of the website, How will I get my key if I cant login anymore?
  2. sorry I got it working now, thanks for all your help.
  3. Hi there Duion, Yes i'm using the bat file and the manger, then I open it up in visual studio 2010 Pro. And that error happens when compiling it with visual studio. Thanks for your respond :)
  4. Hi I'm compiling a version I had a have, but when I compile I get this message error LNK1104: cannot open file 'C:\Torque3D\My Projects\myrpg\game\myrpg V2_DEBUG.lib' C:\Torque3D\My Projects\myrpg\buildFiles\VisualStudio 2010\projects\LINK myrpg V2 I'm using Torque3D-3.5.1 because thats what the rpg game I'm making using it. What dose this mean and how do I fixs it please help thanks :)
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