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  1. That was it! cmake 3.10.3 did the trick! Thanks JeffR and Duion!
  2. I followed this tutorial. http://wiki.torque3d.org/coder:compiling-in-windows Using cmake 3.11
  3. The error log is extremely long. Way too long to list.
  4. I'll try setting it up again today and screenshot the errors. I have spent years with this engine and don't want to have to learn another one, I may just hire a programmer to set it up for me. I need access to source some and can't work with pre-compiled engine that I don't have source to.
  5. I might not need it after all, I've fallen behind it seems on what been going on with T3D and am quite lost on what I should do. I haven't updated since the cmake thing has come into play and thought now would be a good time to upgrade to a newer version. The problem is, I can not get any newer versions to work. I get too many errors with cmake to get anything to run. I'm use to the old way, dunno what happened to change things, but I don't have time to re-learn how to get the engine running. I'm more of an artist than a programmer and I'm not going to put myself through this frustration again. If i'm going to put more time into learning yet another piece of software, I'll move to another engine. Thanks for offering to help anyway Duion, Best wishes!
  6. Thank you Duion! I'll take a crack at it. :)
  7. That's awesome Duion, unfortunately, I would have no idea how to implement it on a hosted server or vps. That's why I'm offering to hire it out. Would you be interested?
  8. Seriously guys, I'm getting desperate. :)
  9. Looking for someone to help me implement a Master Server that can be hosted online. I'm not an expert on networking and this is not something I'd want to take on myself. Anyone interested please contact me via private message with a quote on what you would charge, or reply to this post. Thank you!
  10. I understand where you wanna go with it now. I don't see why it's not possible, I'll try to wrap my head around it and see what I can come up with. It would really be handy to have something like this.
  11. Set up an alternate trigger. It's been a while, but I seem to remember one of the weapons in torque having such a setup. It may have been the lurker in it's early days. Someone would have to correct me on this if I'm wrong. Even the doc's mention it under "Special States Triggers" and "Special States" info, here's what I found so far: Special State Triggers Starting with 1.2 there are now a number of new triggers that may be set for a ShapeBaseImageData's state machine to react to. These provide greater game play control over an image's state flow. The first are the "stateTransitionOnMotion" and "stateTransitionOnNoMotion" triggers. This trigger occurs whenever the mounting ShapeBase (usually a Player) has x, y or z motion applied through the Move structure. From a Player perspective this means whenever the user moves their player forwards, backwards or strafes. That has been used to provide weapons a slight bobbing appearance (using an animation sequence) when the weapon is idle. Fire and Reload states don't usually make use of these triggers to keep those actions solid. There has always been a target trigger for ShapeBaseImageData but under 1.1 it was not possible to set it, nor was it used. Starting with 1.2 you can now set the target trigger in script using ShapeBase::setImageTargetState() and use stateTransitionOnTarget and stateTransitionOnNoTarget for whatever game play reasons are required. Finally, there are four new generic triggers that may be set from script and used for whatever purpose the game play imposes. These are "stateTransitionGeneric0In", "stateTransitionGeneric1In", etc. and "stateTransitionGeneric0Out", "stateTransition1Out" etc. The FPS Tutorial weapons use the first generic trigger to indicate that the player is sprinting and switch to a Sprint state to prevent firing of the weapon. Other possible uses are for iron sights. Special States The client and server move through a ShapeBaseImageData's state machine independantly according to various triggers, timeouts, etc. The client is not normally told to move to a specific state when the server does. However, there are three instances where the client is told by the server to immediately jump to a given state. This ensures that the client's experience matches the server at key moments. As such, only one of each of these states may exist in a single ShapeBaseImageData state machine at a time. The fire state is the first such state. It is indicated by setting the state's "stateFire" flag to true. This is the state immediately jumped to when the weapon begins to fire. The alternate fire state is the second forced jump point (new in 1.2). It is indicated by setting the state's "stateAlternateFire" flag to true. Not all weapons have an alternate fire state. In fact most games treat a weapon's alternate fire as a separate weapon altogether. The reload state is the last special state (new in 1.2). It is indicated by setting the state's "stateReload" flag to true. This state is triggered if the weapon makes use of the new 1.2 ammo clip system and the weapon is reloading a clip, either automatically or manually triggered by the client. If we can figure out which weapon use to do this, perhaps the code still exists somewhere. I hope this helps. If the above doesn't work out for what you need, maybe a system could be set up to "cycle" through ammo, similar to the way weapons are cycled through. (like the mouse wheel perhaps). Of course, that keybind would have to be changed.
  12. Thanks Duion, I'll try that out.
  13. Is this still running afoul in 3.10? I know that commenting this out in the trigger will stop the console spam and the trigger should still function properly, but I have found when commenting this out, my trigger no longer sends "messages" and will not record a score. Am I doing something wrong here? I know this has been a problem since 1.1, but I thought maybe someone would have found a fix for it by now. The only "fix" I've found is to comment it out. Any ideas?
  14. The video is not of high quality (I need to work on that), but here is a video of the AI "jetting" and "skiing" around. Still needs some tweaking, but it's getting there. pngoAs_uaSo
  15. I was wondering, can maxForwardSpeed be changed "on the fly" via script? I noticed the higher my maxForwardSpeed was set, the more "air control" I had. If I could set maxForwardSpeed to a higher variable upon using the "mJetting" trigger via script, it would solve my "air control" issues.
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