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  1. so in my game you can purchase points to spend in the game. the problem im having is points being automatically awarded to the person who bought them. currently we have to manually award them. does anyone have any knowledge of how to make this work as intended.. I have attached the points script function PlayerInfo::loadPoints(%playerInfo) { %query = "accountId=" @ %playerInfo.accountId TAB "server=" @ $realmName; %auth = $AuthServer; $AuthServer = ""; dbresult("checkPoints.php", %query, "loadPoints", %playerInfo); $AuthServer = %auth; %playerInfo.lastPointsCheck = UnixTime(); } function loadPoints::onLineReceived(%this, %command, %vars) { %playerInfo = %this.player; if(%command $= "success") { %playerInfo.points = %vars; %playerInfo.updatePoints(); } } function PlayerInfo::updatePoints(%playerInfo) { commandToClient(%playerInfo.zoneConnection, 'updatePlayerPoints', %playerInfo.playerId, %playerInfo.points); } function serverCmdrequestAddPoints(%zone, %playerId, %amount) { %playerInfo = getPlayerInfo(%playerId); if(!%playerInfo) return; %amount = getIntArg(%amount); if(%amount < 0) { // removing if(%playerInfo.points + %amount < 0) { commandToClient(%playerInfo.zoneConnection, 'PointAdditionResult', %playerInfo.playerId, 0); return; } } if($pointsLock[%playerInfo.accountId] && %amount > 0) { commandToClient(%playerInfo.zoneConnection, 'PointAdditionResult', %playerInfo.playerId, 0); return; } $pointsLock[%playerInfo.accountId] = 1; %query = "accountId=" @ %playerInfo.accountId @ "\t" @ "amount=" @ %amount TAB "server=" @ $realmName; %auth = $AuthServer; $AuthServer = $accountAuthServer; dbresult("addPoints.php", %query, "addPoints", %playerInfo); $AuthServer = %auth; } function serverCmdCheckPointsLock(%zone, %accountId, %tradeOffer) { if($pointsLock[%accountId]) commandToClient(%zone, 'checkPointsResult', %tradeOffer, 0); else commandToClient(%zone, 'checkPointsResult', %tradeOffer, 1); } function addPoints::onLineReceived(%this, %command, %vars) { %playerInfo = %this.player; if(%command $= "success") { if(%playerInfo) { %playerInfo.points = %vars; %playerInfo.updatePoints(); commandToClient(%playerInfo.zoneConnection, 'PointAdditionResult', %playerInfo.playerId, 1); $pointsLock[%playerInfo.accountId] = 0; } } else { commandToClient(%playerInfo.zoneConnection, 'PointAdditionResult', %playerInfo.playerId, 0); } }
  2. Thank you for your response. In short the game is a multiplayer game. The launcher I’m speaking of is what updates the game and what you click play on to start the game. Rather then just using the .exe file to manually start the game. As far as the console goes. People are using it to teleport places. Create ghost logins through session id’s to duplicate gold through double trades from the same account and a few other things. I will create a list with the developers and get you more detailed information. Again I thank you for your time.
  3. Hello and thank you for looking. Im looking for someone who can update the launcher in my current game that will remove the ability to access the console(players are using this to cheat) also remove the ability to launch the game using the .exe file again people are using that to cheat by uploading their own update to the game. if you can help it would greatly be appreciated and you will be compensated for your time..
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