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  1. @ fLUnKnhaXYU No problem I actually forgot there was one for blender. I still have Milkshape3d and Max 7 running on a XP PC I use for all my dts creations I have loaded my TGE 1.5.2 + UAIK combo and will use this version as the base for my Demo Game: I will start adding and re-editing with pics this next round. :)
  2. PART TWO(b) - Art Creation Creature Feature: I am satisfied with the player character models. I want to gather of the mobs. There are still some websites that carry DTS ready models. very few Ant - Psionic3d.uk its on the new site but I had already got it wihen he was a freebie on his old site Scorpion 3Drt.com its on the freebie download area and DTS ready for old TGE Hunting for 3 more creatures to add for filler: Spider, Beetle, insect types: @bsisko I have Milkshape3d I have no idea whats going on behind the scene with Milkshape nowadays I think Audacity is still free for sound and speech work
  3. @Bsisko Thaniks I know what you mean, right there when tGE 1.5.2 was finalized and stable there was a lot of things going for it. The successful add-ons, 2 MMO's power by torque tech were successful in there own ways. I played them both even with the WARCrack game still going on. I always had TGE loaded in the background on my older Windows PC so I was always dabbling with it all this time. I made silly games for the kids and mines to play on clunky pcs they ate them up. but I stuck to TGE fps style. I make PC friendly stuff for them shooting balloons creatures and even junk food. I never made them call of duty type stuff. To make a new game I just change the graphics, scenery and plop in some new DOIT powered models .TGE was smooth then the master server with down, and most ppl moved on the other engines, I dabble with shiva3d and Unity3d. as well I mostly have all the tools that benefited a TGE game. Just PM me if you need the detailed list. :D I got the multigame starter kit on one of my own pcs somewhere and a working copy of the combat starter kit.. I know the awesome torque site could use them for future archives so I will keep looking for them. :lol: I know I got them Looking forward to seeing that youtube channel as well. I will putting a few videos up myself for old TGE stuff.
  4. PART TWO - Art Creation I did not create any custom artwork I use: Kork- Stock Main Player character Dwarf Model- You can get him from Psionic3d site. Elf Sorceress- Stock Character Barbarian Girl Found her on sketchfab but she needs a lot reworking to be TGE compatible she too hi-poly but she does kinda fit the Kork-verse I been looking for another female character to balance it out but not just another Elf so I been digging the free 3d Sites looking for another :D I have a plugin called DOIT by Eb that can auto-rig DTS characters but I have long since rebuild another PC so it currently doesnt work with the right reg key,but I learned a lot just by studying the schematic and can rig low-poly characters myself or just study the elf or kork rigs. But man that plugin made things push button easy. :lol: Wont have any pics till this thing is done tho but I will go back and edited in the details :)
  5. PART ONE - Level Creation No need to reinvent the wheel here on the old TGE site. The fantastic guide by Steve Yorkshire is great to follow along as a guide to building a quick FPS game with T3D or any version of Torque if you’re very familiar with the workings of putting a Mission level together. I will start by designing the Level One-starting area using my old TEDv6.0 Software. I will have to insert pictures later. I want the Orc village to be surrounded by large hills with places to put my spawning giant ants on the other sides. This level will contain the basics things a player needs before venturing into levels dominated by the ants. The Orcs have a fortress village AI guards posted to repel the few spawn ants I will put around the village. This will complete DAY ONE I dusted off my milkshape and fired up the Showtool to make sure I still know how to do DTS Buildings w/LODs of course. I use the 3d Bitgem Modular desert building models.
  6. Inspire by the old B movies, them and the 50ft whatever’s, and They came from the wherever type movies. Also the old cinema-ware game IT CAME FROM THE DESERT no 1 I didn’t care for the sequel. I am going to go with TGE strengths deep down its strongest bones are still FPS shooter. I am not going to try and innovate the core gameplay. I will not limited myself either, I have many add-ons I built up over the decade and will use them I made the first demo with the following tools: Stock TGE 1.5.2 USAIK kit for 1.5.2- A.I. to spawn the mobs to give the player something to Zap Cartography Shop V4.1 /w DIF exporter Plugin from SICKHEAD Games. The Maze in the Demo Test TED v6 Terrain Editor - for exported Terrain Height Maps I still have to manually paint them In TGE 1.5.2 Would a person need these with the current version of T3D? Answer: No / /T3D has access to far superior pipelines so this isn’t about comparing old to new LOL // Gameplay Description: Kork must enter the down under below beneath place to stop the source of the giant biters (I don’t think orcs would call them ants ) Many orcs, have gone before him, only to perish at the bite of the crushing mandibles of the voracious creatures. You will find food packs and healing herbs dropped by those who came before. Will he succeed. I don’t game jam but I will give myself a week (starting Saturday :) ) to have something playable for a new video to post Keep safe all during these co-vid times. 
  7. Hello i decided to use this time to dust off all my old TGE tools and just make some old fashion TGE games. I never made my THEM version of TGE into a full fledge game so thats what i will prbly make with TGE. running around blasting giant ants was pretty fun with Kork so going to just recreate that plain old fun. since this is the Old TGE section I will post my progress here. I know Torque3d has advanced but I am not trying to make Fortnite or anything like that LOL. https://hosting.photobucket.com/albums/b42/Programmerj/Videos/torqueDemo2010-07-1910-05-02-76.mp4?width=450&height=278&crop=fill
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