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  1. Never did that one. Didn't realize echo is supposed to take a second argument until just now... might have to find it in the source code to see how the second argument really works, tutorial must be outdated. To get Hello World3 in a similar fashion I would type echo("Hello World"@3); @ concates strings I "hacked" it by doing echo("Hello World", "3"); :p It worked, but I don't think I've actually solved anything. :lol:
  2. Thanks for that! I'll have to start scouring the interwebz for it. I'm sure I'll scrounge up a copy somewhere.
  3. The way I learn best is to reference documentation on how something works, the syntax, the tools, or what have you. I follow the basic tutorials, then I create simple little projects to practice and reinforce what I know, then I advance from there. That's what works for me. However, there has to be a starting point which, for me, is this documentation. However, if what the documentation shows doesn't match the actual results, then that's an obstacle. That's the situation here. This is why I posted my question to Sir_Skurpsalot. They suggested the resource, and so they may have gone through that same part and can answer my question.
  4. Question for you, Sir_Skurpsalot, Did you do the echo part of the tutorials on this page? I'm typing in the code as written, into the console, but am not getting the intended result. The code is just: echo("Hello World", 3); The result should be: Hello World3 Instead, I get: 33 Not sure what's going on there. The first code I've ever typed for T3D, and already having issues. Yikes :lol:
  5. There's an option to open files in Torsion in T3D. I have Torsion installed, but I can't find anywhere in the preferences to set Torsion as the external editor. Is there instructions somewhere of how to do this? My searching hasn't gotten any results. Thanks
  6. Nice resource! Bookmarked. I started looking at the Coin Collecting game lesson on this site, too. Between all these resources I think I'm in good shape. Thank you
  7. Sorry to reply to my own topic, but I found something since I last posted. Looks like it could be what I'm looking for. I just want to make sure it's up to date, though. I found this file download on the garagegames site. Would this still be relevant and recommended to learn from?
  8. I'm interested in learning Torque3D to make some games. I am mostly a 3D/2D artist, but would also like to learn the scripting side of things. At least enough to prototype something without breaking it too much. I poked around some of the links, but saw a lot of unfinished pages, links to empty articles, and so on. Is there a good solid source someone could point me to to start learning? Thank you
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