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  1. I fixed it. I simply went into options and auto detected best settings. Really dumb and newb question and I'm glad I fixed it! Can't wait to dive into torque, seems really promising!
  2. I run manjaro linux. I'm wondering if there some things I have to install before I can run torque?
  3. Hi! I'm really new to Linux and I want to use the Torque3d Engine. I stayed away from compiling it and just downloaded the binary. I downloaded the 3.10 version and tried to run the world editor with the desert map but I always get the gfxGLShader.cpp fatal error and it crashes. I tried different versions but I get the same error. If anyone runs torque3d on linux if you ever got this error how did you fix it or how do you run torque3d? I read the wiki but I can't find any fixes or mentions of this.
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