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    Workblog - Aug 2021

    Great work to Mack and Lukas lol Great progress Can't wait to see a release!
  2. Ah, I probably should update the TorqueScript VSCode module to look for tscript files if it doesn't already.. maybe try to fix a few bugs while at it
  3. Oh, I was under the impression from the discord chat that it was to be a single game jam with the option of using either engine as long as it's a Torque Game Engine (No unity, unreal, godot, etc)
  4. @greenfire27 The game jam I believe is to target both T3D and T2D Also I wanted to throw this up here as well so it's not lost in the void of Discord but what if the rules limited people to use a game-jam specific pre-compiled version of T2D and T3D (could be kitchen sink versions) just to make it so there's more of a restriction on what you can do so you have to focus your time more on the scripting side and see it's limitations there. It would also kind of level the playing field a little for the developers who struggle with c++ Just an idea to throw out there
  5. Tony

    New site

    Wow, first time seeing this, it's pretty good looking, what ever happened to it? swept under the rug?
  6. done and done we now have the Torque2D section and blogs/tutorials/docs can be written for both engines and should be nicely organized and even easy to search through
  7. This is being done actively right now. Having up to date features would be a huge plus along with better SEO and both are being done, sadly it took a bit to get to this point but at least we're here now. On the note of changing the current website too much being harmful, it depends, if you have forwarding links from the old content locations to the new ones it helps but in the case of Torque3d.org the website already has such a poor SEO rating that a complete wipe probably would be totally fine.
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