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  1. we can make it at a time that suits most people like this isn't set in stone yet lol
  2. that is the idea use the next version that is precompiled release of preview 4.0, the other thing this one just for the moment is going to be just T3D later on there will be a T2D one as well just because i think for testing purposes both engines have very different needs
  3. so to answer all of this 48 hours was just something stupid to put into one of the answers the rules are not set yet it could be a weekend thing could be a week long thing don't take the 2 days thing so literally you'll give yourself a heart attack anyone that thinks the point of a game jam is to create a game in 2 days is laughably stupid. Most of the time it is usually to make a single level or even just a concept and on the face of it most of the time it is to not only test yourself but to test the technology. Torque 4.0 is nearing closer and closer and therefore it needs testing and put through as much stress as possible to show potential flaws and or features that need to be added for 4.1. "Game jams usually produce primitive garbage games" some of the games that have came out of jams have better gameplay and look better than some of the shit that has took years of development. "because you cannot control how much time someone really spend on it" this is why these discussions happen, az jeff and i are talking about possible themes that would be announced when the jam starts not months in advance. Not only that but how many game jams are just about artwork? Practically none tbh because a game can look as nice as anything but if it doesn't have good gameplay it would be shit and wouldn't win. Visuals most of the time aren't even marked or counted let alone praised. If you don't like the idea of a game jam, you don't need to take part its that simple. Everyone else that is interested in it can and hopefully will. Its very easy with the new engine to get something up and running rather quickly and there will be modules and assets in place to help people too. Hell one of the ideas might be to do with using certain assets only so that takes your art out of the question.
  4. funnily enough i was thinking something similar along these lines, there is a lot of art out there that was released for torque and is still free and open source that we could pack into one download
  5. +1 Not to mention the urgency leads to some good ideas that could even end up in another project. Its like brainstorming you fire out ideas so quick your brain just makes it second nature and you stumble onto ideas you never thought you could come up with.
  6. @Scott Burns damn a wild scott appeared good see some members of the old guard
  7. this could be set to take place anytime yano pick a weekend or something, most of the game jams ive seen are usually only a single level that showcases gameplay and most of the time its simple gameplay too make this sphere run away from this deadly cube kinda stuff lol
  8. can compete just can't win lol i want to take part as well even though i can't win because ill be offering up the prize, ill just be taking part as a way to train because its what game jams are good for exercise the mind a bit test the engine etc
  9. kinda what a game jam is all about lol
  10. Answer the poll and if its popular enough we may host a game jam, and if its really popular it might become a usual thing. EDIT: It should be noted that for anyone sitting on the fence on this, the rules for this are not set yet any input you want to give please share and it might just become a part of the game jam anything at all from timeframe to prize that would be acceptable all feedback is not only welcome but required.
  11. ANNOUNCEMENT Link: https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque2D/releases/tag/v3.5 A brand new version of Torque 2D is out bringing us up to 3.5 This new version brings with it: Updates to the Box2D Physics Library with the LiquidFun version to allow for Physics Particles. Particles can now be given a target to move the particles towards that location. Simple paths and path objects can now be created. New Light objects can now be created. This update also includes a few bug fixes including a bug fixing the custom cursor for MacOS and Windows.
  12. Rules/Guidelines are right here https://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1593
  13. You are right, but i will say my idea was not to prove to be unreals contemporary more along the lines of just showing that it can be done in torque
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