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  1. ANNOUNCEMENT Link: https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque2D/releases/tag/v3.5 A brand new version of Torque 2D is out bringing us up to 3.5 This new version brings with it: Updates to the Box2D Physics Library with the LiquidFun version to allow for Physics Particles. Particles can now be given a target to move the particles towards that location. Simple paths and path objects can now be created. New Light objects can now be created. This update also includes a few bug fixes including a bug fixing the custom cursor for MacOS and Windows.
  2. Rules/Guidelines are right here https://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1593
  3. You are right, but i will say my idea was not to prove to be unreals contemporary more along the lines of just showing that it can be done in torque
  4. nobody has made a demo because there is nothing to make a demo of. there hasnt been any major updates to the engine since 3.1 with 4.0 being the next major update there would be demos made for that to be sure. But 4.0 isnt released yet and is a bit unstable at times so no one wants to make a demo for it yet apart from maybe the steering committee, but they are making simple things to show off certain features no fully fledged demo yet but there will be. I'm merely suggesting ideas that i wouldn't mind helping on but i wont be able to do it alone. A demo similar to that wouldnt be too hard or t
  5. engine demos are sometimes freely available to test and play around with, the assets might be able to be converted over to torque, but if its all dynamically created i don't know even where to begin to take it into torque. And from their website unreal 5 wont be out until 2021, waiting that long sounds boring lol I wonder if we could work together to design a similar tech demo. It will take time but imagine an open source engine being able to re-create the unreal demo before it is released to the public. Could get a lot of attention but again it would have to look the part. With the work JeffR
  6. But the demo is a controlled situation... The thing is that whole scene screams to me that as what Bloodknight had said its just flexing and boasting. And as Duion said textures at 8k textures and certain polygons that are only a pixel size, really isnt useful to an artist or a developer, this tech demo i think was for end users people who are going to be playing games. I have no doubt this is probably running on a PS5 and in real time, but it is a completely controlled scene, it would be interesting to know the techniques that were used to make the rest of the scene, they only talk about the
  7. Yeah while this is impressive its really only useful for certain set pieces such as whats shown in the video. I don't think this would work too well for something more fast paced. Also if you look closely you can see a lot of pop in on the statues when they are in shadow. If this is basing polygon counts on ray traced lighting which it very well may be, anything in shadow is going to look pretty bad if you don't use conventional methods to model and texture the geometry
  8. I was just curious if there was a chance of adding Torque2d to the front page as well. And possibly a tutorial section. When you browse the front page and the wiki section on how-tos there is no mention of a 2d option. I know there was talk somewhere down the line on merging the two into one engine but just for people who want to use the sole 2d option.
  9. OMG I LOVE THAT!! :D that needs to be the torque logo on the site during this time of year lol
  10. Wishing everyone has a fun and for some a productive holiday season :D
  11. The physics in BeamNG was developed by them for soft body simulation, took them quite a while to implement and it was developed for their game in mind, i dont think even if beam was to share their dev with torque3d it would work, something that complex is usually not needed. But if torques physics engine was updated to have a host of in editor joints available you would pretty much have all the physics needed unless you are going for simulation like BeamNG did.
  12. i don't think it would be something you would want to do but it should be possible. as for how it would require an external script command linked in to execute it
  13. This is not about releasing any individual game to steam but has anyone ever thought maybe this could be a good option for pulling other people to Torque3d and torque2d. There are some other engines on steam such as leadwerks and it seemed to increase their community reach quite a bit.
  14. another great resource is a series of youtube videos by Shesez, you can see in this video that GTA5 has many terrain blocks used together but also that terrain blocks can be any shape you want Little off topic: Its also an amazing series to learn a few other tricks to save polygon counts in other areas such as how fps games usually use a simple model for the body and arms without a head, or sometimes no torso just legs and arms like they did with doom 2016 and how they did the visor, its literally just a model of the visor animated close enough to the camera that it looks like some f
  15. now added a way to find out if the device the user is using is a tablet or a phone when running on iOS or Android devices. simply call from script [code2=BBCODE40_CSHARP]if($deviceType $= "tablet") { //do something different for tablets }[/code2] this value can also check if device is phone. If you are working a cross device game you can now set your camera to scale appropriately and all artwork providing they are 1:1 at multiples of 4 should rescale properly to a different camera size. For example on my app i have the phone to be a camera size of 90,160 (reverse due to portrait) bu
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