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  1. I think a lot of people kind of miss the point about the scripting language... it's not so much that torquescript sucks, or that it's hard to learn. There's a number of much bigger issues: * Tooling - Sure you can argue syntax hilighting isn't that hard to add to most IDEs, but tooling goes waaaay beyond that. The tooling support for C# for example has code completion, snippets, refactoring, code navigation, advanced debugging, profiling etc. * Libraries - Say you're writing a game server and you want to store your data in some new-fangled cloud database or other. Or you want to integrat
  2. I think there's a few major stumbling blocks at the moment: 1) People looking in see the engine as outdated - that should be fixed with the new PBR release and the GI that's being worked on. 2) Not many people understand the engine - that should be helped with the new cleanup work and the new modular approach and ECS. 3) Not many people know or want to use TorqueScript I think #3 is a big problem. It perpetuates because those that know T3D and work with it understand torquescript well enough and don't see it as a problem. Meanwhile the rest of the world peeks in and sees a decent but
  3. That's great if you know the engine inside out... but most people will just load in a terrain texture from an asset library or whatever and it will look rubbish, and then they think the engine is crappy. Plus, if we have a dozen or so different terrain textures to use/test, it is a pain to have to load up a photo editor and tweak every one... and by how much should we desaturate it to get it to look the same as it does in the editor? Then we want to edit the texture and add some flowers... we need to desaturate it all again to save it out. And say we only have the desaturated version that som
  4. I personally don't think you should have to edit the images in photoshop in order to get good results, desaturating some parts and not others etc. Aside from the extra work and slower iteration when trying out different combinations of textures, it also involves a ton of guessing and experimentation. Why can't we just say that if there's a detail texture, we use that colour and ignore the base altogether? Or mix the base in but never go higher than the sum of the both.
  5. Seems to run for me, although not sure how to do much except start the blank scene. This is really cool - I have to say I've kinda given up on Torque because TS is too quirky and not a lot of open source libraries and such out there for it.. but C# would be a whole new story.
  6. Microsoft stole your ".cs" extension, but you should also be aware they stole your ".ts" proposal as well with "Typescript", and "tsc" is the typescript compiler :D i would suggest .t3d as the safest extension that isn't like to clash.
  7. Personally I think the community is too small to fragment. Since the old forum is broken and full of spam, outdated info and generally hard to use and hard to find anything, it makes most sense to kill it off altogether. As I said though, as long as it's winning in the search rankings and all the links around the web point to it, it's going to be a bit dumb to close it completely. I think the best thing would be for the SC to petition GG to redirect it to here. Meanwhile, why not just post a thread saying the community moved and keep bumping it every day? The worst case someone from GG wi
  8. I think this forum is way better, and it makes sense to have a forum with new information and not all the old, irrelevant stuff. The old forum really doesn't make it clear when you search that what you've found no longer applies. The GG forum still ranks top in the search for Torque3D though so people will keep going there. What would help is to update all the backlinks around the web. For a start, a big link to this site at the top of the readme on https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D would be a big help. The first 2 links in the body go to GG still. Then there's wikipedia http://
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