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  1. The trees only need to be 2d in the backdrop outside of the player bounds. Trees in the play area should all be 3d models. 2d is only really (properly) used in the play area for grass, other similar foliage, and very small shrubbery.
  2. @Duion Wow, you are on the snide lately. :roll:
  3. Thanks. I doubled the jumpForce and now I jump higher. On increasing falling damage height, I seem to have gotten what I'm after by simply changing fallingSpeedThreshold from -6.0 to -12.0.
  4. I want to double how high the player can jump. I also want to increase how far the player can fall before taking damage by about 33%. How would I do this in the script files?
  5. by not intended you mean when you hit the brakes, the headlights come on so you can see the full horror on the face of the victim late at night? Oh, deer!
  6. http://fordprefectstowel.weebly.com/uploads/2/5/2/3/25231015/6078343_orig.png
  7. The funny thing is that the video on Atom's website reminds me of the computer consoles in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Especially after "grandma" in the video changes the text so that it's all green. The same green as the text on the computers in Fallout. The Fallout computers were monochrome and didn't have a joystick, but these "Atom 1.0"s are "The text editor of the future" computers after all. :lol:
  8. I think this is because of the fog banding issue. I discovered fog artifacts (auras) in the sky in the "Outpost" level. What I did was change the day/night cycle setting to night and turn off the "play" setting. Then I went up into the "bridge" part of the building. Then when I look up at the sky after looking down at the bridge, the sky has flickering auras that quickly dissipate. This is infinitely repeatable by looking back down at the bridge, then looking back up at the sky. I can't really show the problem properly with a screenshot, but I could show exactly what I mean if I could get a video recording. Is there a built-in video capture in Torque3D? Also, the ground is still very dark, but the sky looks a lot brighter than it should and some places in the map are lit up weird.
  9. Used the datablock editor and 1.4 works great. Thanks for bringing this up. I am not worried about renderFirstPerson right now, but this will be a major part of my project once I make my player model. I haven't learned how to model a character, much less rig or animate yet, so it's going to be a while until I do that. Anything major I need to worry about during the modeling, rigging, or animating processes, or is it simply a matter of tweaking the player model and eye camera positions to make it look right? @Duion Great to know. Though 90 degrees isn't a setting I would use for normal gameplay as I still want there to be some pitch limitation (just not a lot), it could come in handy later on for making sure my first-person related models and animations are made and positioned correctly.
  10. This may seem like a silly question, but where do I go to change the limit values on the first-person perspective so I can look down farther?
  11. I reproduced your bug. I put an "original" folder in the Torque3d-3.9-bin directory (what I have it named as on my PC). I copied the zip file that I extracted that version of the engine from into the folder, then started it up. Presto. Duplicate entries in level selection. Select a level and load it up, and broken graphics. Just like your picture. I deleted the "original" folder and its contents (the zip file), and restarted Torque3D. Everything seems to be back to normal. You need to store your backup zip entirely outside of the game engine's folder structure so it can't see it. Or it will screw everything up. ;) Edit: Putting the zip in the parent folder that you have Torque3D in (e.g "D:/Development" in my case) does not seem to cause any problems. You just cannot put it inside of Torque3D's parent folder or any of its subfolders. (which for me is "D:/Development/Torque3d-3.9-bin")
  12. I started moving mine all over the place to see if I could get it to break and it won't. I even moved it back to my SSD from my WD Black. I even copied it to my 6-year-old 1TB Caviar Green WD10EARS, and it loads more slowly, but otherwise works the same.
  13. I'm having none of these problems. On the binary version, I extracted the contents out of the Torque3d-3.9-WinBinaries zip folder into a brand new folder I named Torque3D-3.9-bin with no problems. I even did it across disks. I use 7-zip to extract zip files, not the default windows zip program. Maybe you could try that?
  14. That's weird. It looks like bad rendering. I don't have that problem, and I am using 3.9 Release. Neither the full version that I compiled myself from source or the binary download from the wiki show this problem. Do you have the Release version of 3.9 or Dev Branch? What is your hardware? This is what I get in 3.9: http://i914.photobucket.com/albums/ac349/ChrisLong333/screenshot_001-00000.png
  15. I got it working. It was my Visual Studio install. I saw an update in Visual Studio, clicked on it, and it downloaded an .exe through my web browser. I opened it and it reinstalled Visual Studio 2015. I checked off everything just to be safe. Took over three hours. Which it turns out is actually very fast because I forgot to unselect the Android development stuff, which from what I read on the internet is reputed to make the install take about 7-9+ hours. I'm running a 240GB Crucial M500, which probably saved me from it taking all afternoon and evening to install. (versus if I were still running my system off of my 5-year-old WD Caviar Black) Then I did the CMake stuff again not expecting it to work, and it surprisingly did.
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