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  1. @Duion Wow, you are on the snide lately. :roll:
  2. http://fordprefectstowel.weebly.com/uploads/2/5/2/3/25231015/6078343_orig.png
  3. The funny thing is that the video on Atom's website reminds me of the computer consoles in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Especially after "grandma" in the video changes the text so that it's all green. The same green as the text on the computers in Fallout. The Fallout computers were monochrome and didn't have a joystick, but these "Atom 1.0"s are "The text editor of the future" computers after all. :lol:
  4. http://www.torqueterrains.com/ ?? Perhaps?? Yes, that's the site that my lost file collection came from. It probably didn't show up in Google because I searched for "torque terrain" and not "torque terrains" (plural). Thanks for the link.
  5. I thought I found a source of free terrains a few months ago, but now I can't find it. I can't find the files I remember downloading on my disks anymore either. Google searches are only coming up with documentation pages. Anyone know what website that might have been on? I don't remember if my lost collection had it in it or not, but I am specifically looking for a terrain and a sky texture (for Scatter Sky) that closely resemble a place like Uberwald. Or another similar area that looks like a gothic-inspired version of Romania, Hungary, Austria, Czech/Slovakia, Germany, and/or Poland.
  6. LMAO No idea because I'm not having that problem. @Duion The Hello Kitty theme is under User Control Panel -> Board preferences -> Edit global settings -> My board style: K_Kitty I tried it and it has a very narrow window width that doesn't adjust with your screen resolution. My laptop only has a 1280x800 screen and the Hello Kitty theme looks narrow on it. Images also get cut off because the active area of the window doesn't expand. Luckily, when I changed the theme to Torque3D Red, it kept it even after logging out and logging back in. Speaking of Hello Kitty, It would
  7. I know what you meant - all of the UI for the editor is kept in the same type of UI files that the game uses. They are the same. Identical. Edited with the same tool. The editor UI was created with the provided GUI Editor. They are kept in the TOOLS folder of the project - that's where the editor scripts and UI files are kept, because those are tools and they belong in the tools folder. You do not need Visual Studio - you can open them in Torque's GUI Editor. Because they're the same as the game GUI files. http://i914.photobucket.com/albums/ac349/ChrisLong333/F11%20Editor%20GUI.png
  8. I couldn't find where to attach files on this forum, so here is a Mega link. My performance was even worse this time, so hopefully it will have the information you're looking for. https://mega.co.nz/#!k5VGGDZK!Y1JfzMDro-0unnX5VGuT0xPn5w-9T6wLg9QY6sd9y-0
  9. I'm only getting 20-30 FPS outside in the Pacific Demo, depending on the area. I get 20 FPS worst-case, but I'm only averaging 23-24. It won't let me enter the cave because something is wrong with the collision in that area.
  10. I have some stutter problems, but I am getting around 145-170 FPS on the default Desert level. This is with a Galaxy GTX 660 GC and a FX 8350 at 1920x1080 on max settings. RAM is 8GB (2 x 4GB) @ 1333mhz. OS is Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I haven't finished downloading the Pacific Demo to be able to try it yet.
  11. Nice sense of humor with the landmines, Garage Games. http://i914.photobucket.com/albums/ac349/ChrisLong333/screenshot_001-00002.png~original
  12. @Johxz Thanks for posting this. I didn't have this book since I am fairly new to Torque. Plus it looks like Packt is going to give away another development-related e-book of some kind every day for the next two weeks. :D
  13. NekoDemon117

    Arcane FX

    I can't get it to work. When I load a level, it gets stuck at "Loading Datablocks" and never makes it past it.
  14. NekoDemon117

    Arcane FX

    Arcane FX: It's like adding chocolate to AN ELECTRICAL STORM! Joking aside, this sounds like great news. I'll be looking for this when I get around to making elemental weapons and spellcards for my game. I'm coming up with the concept for a FPS-RPG type game. (maybe 4-player co-op, but probably single-player)
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