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  1. I apologize for taking so long getting forum emails restored. The email hosting provider that the forum uses changed from a paid for SSL certificate to let's encrypt and the PHP version that the forum host uses doesn't recognize lets encrypt (apparently the CA certificates are compiled in?), even after I installed the root certificates for that new CA and updated at the host Ubuntu Linux environment. Anyway, came up with a workaround and forum email has been restored and is working again.
  2. Update completed on 2018-04-18 (late Sunday evening for me): Forums and backend updates have been completed without problems. Please let @TRON and/or @LukasPJ know if any forum issues show up by posting a report as a topic with the description of the problem within the Torque 3D website feedback subforum. Thanks. Maintenance scheduled / Down time this upcoming weekend: Forum maintenance scheduled for March Saturday 17th / Sunday 18th of this upcoming weekend. Forums will not be accessible as both forum and backend software will be undergoing upgrades. The exact time is not known as my p
  3. Sure I would like to keep .cs but Microsoft pretty much railroaded it where everybody assumes it's a C# file. So we have to change it to something else. .tsc (TorqueScript Code) gets my vote. And could change .dso.cs to .tso for TorqueScript Object file. ;) As for .ts is MPEG-2 transport stream for those of you who don't work with video or multimedia data on a daily basis. So it wouldn't work out trying to use that file extension.
  4. TRON


    sumitsharma was banned for SEO spam links in signature to attempt to gain a higher search engine index ranking.
  5. Using CMake will generate the project files for the appreciate Visual Studio version you have available. As for projectGenerator created projects I've personally been using the solution file in buildFiles\Visual Studio 2012\ directory since it's always just worked for VS2013. But I did have to make sure that all projects' Platform Toolset property is correctly set to Visual Studio 2013 (v120), or want to support Windows XP too: Visual Studio 2013 - Windows XP (v120_xp). Cause as far as I know of Visual Studio 2012 through 2015 all use identical project (XML-based) file structure, but the co
  6. Sounds like the precompiled binaries are using PhysX instead of Rigid(Torque) for physics calculations. And also we recommend Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio 2015 (Retail/Commercial and Community editions work) for Windows platform programming as the older Visual Studio versions aren't actively supported anymore.
  7. Forums(Board Index) > General(Category) > General(Forum) Can't be changed. And I personally don't want the breadcrumbs to be fooled with since they're very useful to figuring out where you are in the forum in case you need to know since the URL doesn't present you the actual positional hierarchy where you're currently viewing so the breadcrumbs are the only way to know that.
  8. I propose we keep posting resources on the forums and when they're mature enough resources where all the kinks are worked out, as in thoroughly tested and discussed in the resources post thread, then such a resource should be posted to the wiki by whomever is more willing to do so. And still keep the original post in the forums as a reference for more discussion in the future for cases when the resource fails to work properly on newer engine versions and needs to be fixed.
  9. It's mentioned on Where to get help wiki page and then there's the Chat section under Community wiki category which is an embedded Kiwi chat client that's preconfigured to http://irc://irc.maxgaming.net/garagegames.
  10. TRON

    Arcane FX

    No way, the real Jeff Faust was taken hostage by a Unity cult and forced to do the most horrible things like use Unity engine. All kidding aside, welcome to the new forums and glade to hear you're close to getting AFX MIT'd. Now on to the real topic of this discussion, it is true you're really Stanley Tucci in disguise? It would explain your frequent inactivity being busy doing acting work and all. ;-)
  11. Yep I think the current Resources setup is perfect. Marking this as completed. ;)
  12. That would complicate searching if somebody just wishes to search under resources forums instead of the entire Torque 3D forum. I think "Torque 3D" category should be renamed to "Development" and just recreate the forums in "Development" for Resources (& Tutorials?) category minus Beginner forum.
  13. I dream of ponies and hellokitty every night! O rly.
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