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  1. Not sure if related but with my work on TL I discovered that what make the selection of multiple objects very slow is the inspector which add all objects. In most case, you don't even need the inspector when selection many objects so I added a inspect multiple object checkbox or when the inspector is added, objects are not added which make selection lighting fast. But if the goal is to change variables on those objects then you need some patience :)
  2. Now I can go sleep in peace :D Was good to get back at T3D development.
  3. I just found that the editors no longer use the native MenuBar class but use the GuiMenuBar instead and it have been adapted to work like the MenuBar was. Too late to try for today but seem like my concerns are no more. :)
  4. What happened with the GuiMenuBar? It's mostly commented completly... Is there a replacement or some kind of plan about it? I used it for TorqueLab and now I have trouble to reimplement it, seem to be related to the key accelerator. Could move back to the native menu if someone can help me getting it dark :oops:
  5. In case anyone is considering replying to my partner(s) request, I'm not looking for them anymore since I found some yesterday. 8-) After a nice discussion with Nils and Timmy, I decided to join the Deadly Matter project to help with scripting. I won't dedicate all my time to it now and I will keep working on TorqueLab on the side.
  6. Email sent, I'm curious to know more your scripting needs and that revise editor.
  7. Well your OpenSimEarth project seem quite interesting more than I hear about it. Your previous posts have always catch my attention but I was quite busy and in some kind of game development break phase. I will have a look at your GitHub repositories and see what I can find there. I understand about FlightGear sizing issues but is there a way to test OpenSimEarth as a FPS game? I guess I will find out by looking at your repository. Also, like you said, further discussion on the subject should be moved to an OpenSimEarth thread.
  8. That make sense because those that are in Outbox section are for a user who haven't been active since I sent him PM
  9. So maybe it get sent automatically if you are online but there"s a delay.. :?:
  10. Did you read it, it's now in my Sent Messages?
  11. No worry and it's now in my sent box. So it confirm that Message Sent area are readed message. Well maybe it's also related to the user seeing it in the Inbox. I will send another and go see your inbox without opening it this time.
  12. Sent and it's in my Outbox. Before reading it, let me know so we can get precise result. See what happen when you see it in your inbox without read See what happen when you read it but not closed yet See what happen when close it after read Also, we don't have to wait for tomorrow, we could do those 3 steps now. Go simply see the messages in your Inbox without opening it :P
  13. Yes I have been reading your posts and I was never sure what OpenSimEarth was really about. It sound like something I would like to learn more and maybe help a bit where I can. Few years ago, I was working on a WWII EnemyTerritory Mod project and I worked a level based on a D-Day town called Vierville. I spent so much time working on it that I feel like I already been there. Few months ago, I gave a try to redo the maps using some realworld data that wasn't available 10 years ago but I decided to put an hold on it since I had to learn new stuff and I was already overwhelmed. Then I decided to
  14. Well my primary goal is to make better tools for my use but that I also want to share. Last year I also expand my Prototyper "Gamelab" which allow me to quickly create a prototype of any genres from the same build. So instead of having 3-4 projects for different prototypes and copying scripts between those, I simply run a single project and can switch prototype without leaving. I will try to record a little demonstration video because I'm quite proud of it but again it's built for me so not ready to be shared. To set a prototype, you simply edit a cfg file and assign the core game mode and th
  15. It's what I tought but just wanted to confirm. So those in Outbox mean that they haven't beed read or maybe the user haven't log in since it was sent?
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