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  1. 3DS Max using the OpenCollada plugin. https://github.com/KhronosGroup/OpenCOLLADA
  2. I'm not quite sure that's correct. I always export at 30fps (want to do 60 for final if possible for smooth animation). My time synchs in game with same frame count... at least I think it is?! Duion, has anyone figured a conversion method to change the player class speed entries into real world measurements? Its input matches nothing, so its trial and error to match (at default scale).
  3. vfx = particles. I guess fx would work as well. templates, yes, as you mentioned, thats exactly what it holds. Misc works, but is it descriptive enough to a new user?
  4. Stores are not easy to setup and manage. That said, I could see if for like premade art or game type assets and plugins that are from commercial sources, like some of those Voxel engines or network libraries. For base engine contributions, it might help to have a separate area of this "store" for engine contributions. Where it can be a donation system that will allow people contributing code who would like to have some financial return to give to the engine. The caveats being, only if the donation goal amount is reached (no indiegogo where even if its not, they still get paid), and they must have a working version before they ask.
  5. Az asked for feedback for the Art directory. I conferred with someone on PC, this is at least how we would see more organization. The biggest one is the shapes directory, as paraphrasing "wtf is that supposed to be for?" If gui is supposed to have its own main subsection anyways, I would move gui items out entirely even if images. Don't have any material or images in the main art directory, put under templates along with grids. Also didn't see a sound section in datablock (don't put under art). https://github.com/Areloch/Torque3D/tree/NewTemplateTest/Templates/BaseTemplate/game/data/art Original grids gui lights particles roads shapes skies water black.png fizz_noise.dds gray.png materials.cs splash.bmp white.png Suggested Redo templates lights vfx characters environments skiesclouds cubemaps (material reflection) panoramas (level)
  6. I was expecting some thing like this : http://www.marmoset.co/wp-content/uploads/microcompare05.jpg Chelaru, roughness=microsurface metallic=colored spec from albedo/base texture. There are different ways of doing PBR, these guys are using the Disney/Unreal method. You can read up more here: https://www.allegorithmic.com/pbr-guide (Have to make an account to download I believe) Is this what you are questioning?
  7. Koros, could you link to the test "X" textures you were using? Also for shits N giggles, what graphics card was this on?
  8. It only compiles once? I.E. does it act like colladra files? So we could remove the source files and it still has the cache version. Also, how will the format be controlled? As in what format will it be compiling it to and from, and do you want to limit these maps to that format alone? So in short, would it be taking tiffs as the input? Could it take a Photoshop, Krita, or Gimp document with layer folders named and auto separate those out into the correct channels? Would it only export out like a dxt5 dds? Some artists and company workflows use a master image file to work from. Each portion of the material texture is under its own folder in this image file. Having to export each folders as separate files if done more than a few times wastes time. Yep, we can create scripts/actions to help with this in the art programs. But its almost as much time as making a script to do option 1. Anycase if three wins out, could it be setup that all master images that are being combined can be chosen outside the materials folder (or even the engine directory)? As to keep it clean, and not having redundant information sent if using svn, the images that are linked to the combined compile version do not have to be in the same directory. Use local directory information using the material folder as the master path vs that computer as so it wont break the link as easily if one of the images is edited on another computer. Kinda redundant with 3.
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