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  1. U4ti1Z4Y6Hs Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4K1M7P0W_qbSlRJZDhvcktHaTA/view?usp=sharing Another resource that I had been working on, only to later abandon. The files are as is, and probably won't be updated by me. This was made using Torque3D 3.9 I included a video tutorial of setting up a side-scroller level. The video is no where near professional. I tried though.
  2. Yeah, you can do whatever you want with it.
  3. The reverse lights aren't working because $movementSpeed is a constant. It will always be 1 unless it is changed with setSpeed() (then it will always be whatever you set it to). As it sits, looks like the lights *should* toggle every time the bound button is pressed or released. It needs a vehicle velocity check so the reverse lights can be activated/deactivated when the velocity switches between positive/negative. But I don't think you can do the check where you are hooking it ( movebackward() should only get called when the key press state changes ). Maybe make a tickable script to manage the lighting toggled in movebackward() when $mvBackwardAction > 0. That might be a sort of dirty way to do it ... but it's the best I can think of right now. I assumed there was a way, I just haven't used Torque for so long. I'm not the greatest programmer either. lol This was just something that I had worked on a few years ago. I wanted to throw it out in the chance that it might be use to someone.
  4. lol yep that's it. The car has a random skin on it and sometimes the lights don't show up the best. My way of thinking is going in reverse, it should show the brakes until the car starts moving backwards. Then the reverse lights should light up, but it doesn't currently do that.
  5. JYSse4S3CBc Info Stuff I had started working on some time ago. I wanted to see if my old xbox keybinds would work with an Xbox One gamepad. The Rally car isn't the greatest and has it's issues. Take this resource as it is and learn from my mistakes. If anyone wants to fix or use this resource, you are more than welcome to. Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4K1M7P0W_qbOWxpaERrUE50Mk0/view?usp=sharing Setup 1. Place "art" and "scripts" folders based on their folder hierarchy. Everything else is either reference or source files. 2. Run Torque3D and open World Editor. 3. Under Scene Tree, click "Library" tab -> click "Scripted" tab -> click "Vehicles" folder -> click "RallyCar" 4. Exit world editor and walk into car to drive. Vehicle features: -headlights -turn signals -brake lights -reverse lights (These all do work, but are not working as intended.)
  6. Yeah I wrote the xbox 360 controller guide, so I at least knew that much. The Xbox One controller is pretty close to Xbox 360 controller. I'll look into seeing what it takes to add it.
  7. I was curious if Xbox one controller/gamepad support was ever added to T3D? As in code support for the rumble functions in the triggers. No big deal if it isn't, just wondering.
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