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  1. Agreed, I think it is worth to at least try I could learn a lot from this... Thanks rlranft.
  2. Where do I start? Thank you all for the quick and insightful replies! I really appreciate it. ^ Thanks, I don't really know about want I want at the moment, but was attracted me to look at Torque was its versatility. Don't get me wrong I love engines like Unreal and Unity3D but I was missing the ability to have ALL of the features and control without licenses or contracts etc. I can't say I know what I want, but I am willing to experiment and try stuff out. ^ Hutch, I have a brand new Mac Mini with 8Gb of RAM a 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5 processor and Intel Iris 1536 MB graphics. Those are the basics, and I hope for an officially supported version soon. ^ Gibby, I can't say that I am an experienced programmer. However I am willing to learn and the DIY and total ownage of property is what brought me here (just as to any real open source projects). In short I can't say if I will use Torque engine for games. But I will try it out and see where it takes me. Thank you all! :D -SeamusFD
  3. My question is a simple one, is it worth the time (If even possible) for me to try and get T3D working on a mac or would I be better off looking for a different engine. (Answer honestly please) I don't have any C experience, however I do have programming experience. I am willing to learn if it is a worthwhile pursuit. Note: I posted this on the other forum but wasn't sure whether it was active! :lol:
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