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  1. I guess we could ignore the fact that the level of manpower is low. I guess we could ignore the fact that the past 2 years have been biblical end times level BS. once we have done that we can rag on the people who sacrifice time and energy and even money to work on the engine. yeah, that seems the modern way to do things
  2. while i'm not a fan of game jams for some of the same reasons, but i am one of those people who wished i could do game jamsI I am also one of those people who believes that failure teaches more than success, and the act of doing something is not entirely time wasted, especially combined with the above point and world view, it may feel like it at the time but if we all got depressed about our mini failures... Game jams, in some respects is very much like game development, its not for everyone. I am very much disappointed in the modern worlds view that if everyone cannot do it then nobody can do it, it validates my reluctant misanthropic outlook that humanity is irredeemable
  3. no, just from winning
  4. I think codeless features, on the whole, are useful for rapid prototyping, but genuinely hurt new developers/aspiring game devs in the long run as it often hides the true mechanics behind the system, at the same time they introduce often very badly optimised methods for doing things. That said, the guys have made some good strides into making the engine more accessible and friendly over the past couple of years, with suggestions that more is to come for various parts, node graphs etc, and when these are in place I suspect more developers will enhance features by creating node graph systems for all manner of in-engine features. So I guess really the answer right now is no, and some more assistive features are coming, but I honestly believe your best bet is to grab the engine and see what you can do, there are many things you can do with some pretty simple scripting, data and code can be written in pretty small and concise parts, not all code is long and complicated :)
  5. There is/was somebody working on a new consistent theme for the new site as well as reworking content to reduce the 'distribution' of stuff, but i'm not sure of its current status. In theory the timing for all of it would be done best at 4.0 launch, where this stuff can be pushed along with official news of the migration to the new organisaton and repository. As far as the download now button... Pre-NeuProjectManager, short of creating a giant installer containing a bunch of modules and examples, with specific instructions on where/how to get more/new modules i'm not really sure the best wat to appraoch this, but i agree a relatively quick and easy way to get stuck in should be a definite priority.
  6. As far as I understand there is some plan to reconnect an external editor to editing actions inside torque editor itself, I'm hoping that this comes as a setting for other editors for those who use notepadd++ or VSCode etc. I'm not sure when it was 'broken', possibly back when it became made Open source. But until then, as duion suggests most of us run a code editing system alongside the running game when working on torque anyway, which is probably why the external editor functionality isn't higher on the todo list
  7. That is how I do it, usually some dirt texture, which adds additional detail and realism to the level, since roads are not build on grass, in reality they clear the area before they build roads on it. If you really want to keep it grass you can make a second terrain material with the same texture, but remove the ground cover from it, so you can control where the ground cover is. Ohterwise I would advise not to use my assets from my old packs, but use them from the actual Uebergame repo, since they are often the improved versions and bad ones sorted out. The grass you are using is one of my first attempts, which I was not satisfied with. Using a duplicated layer with the same terrain material is probably the most common way I know of, it is, however, a 'hacky' and sub-optimal method perhaps this should be flagged as an issue and something that actively needs to be added as a feature, not only for roads but for other decals too, there already exists a methodology for it in the form of the allow on statics option that used to be a thing
  8. There have been issues with some older and some newer cmake versions, why this happens I'm not entirely sure but newer versions are rare. also I belive the master branch itself is in conflict with cmake, also in case you are using the new archived repo https://github.com/TorqueGameEngines/Torque3D you should probably be using the Preview4.0 branch which is default, or the development branch, master branch is dated and needs some of the development branch fixes pushing to it.
  9. theres a glass object and sample in the FPS tutorial download, which I would post but the forum is scrooge with bandwidth aven 460k is too big
  10. if the game is from 2006 it will be TGE and not T3D, chances are you need different options
  11. necro thread: bad derail this particular thread: acceptable i'll make this even worse... having accepted all of that criticism a while ago, everything on that list that already exists (do not get me freaking started on joining every fecking social media platform under the sun) is literally now a work in progress trying to improve the situation. ironic twist most of its being done in the background and unless you are part of the real time chat (discord) you can be forgiven for not knowing. begging forgiveness assumptions were made this would be a semi-speedy happening thing the reality is this has been accelerated very much but only quite recently, perhaps it's worth the powers than be having a moment to quickly note where we are found and discovered and a brief paragraph explaining which changes and why are happening, because it is seemingly touching every aspect of torque. please excuse the use of *we* its a terrible habit, I don't actually speak for torque or the community or the powers that be, but I do my best to operate in good faith. We have moved to an entirely new github organisation away from garage games We have some very capable people now working on the new websites People have been found/volunteered for various specific roles as noted with websites above bad faith section It is a little tiring having to point out constantly that the sheer lack of people the community has does not help, there is an automatic assumption that every game engine has dozens or even more developers, or income streams for developer wages like Godot. given the limitations I still think the guys here do a fantastic job on the engine. I think its a shame that most people on the internet are little more than shallow PR sponges who do nothing but judge books by their covers.
  12. sorry I think I misunderstood the question originally. There used to be a torque_shipping flag which set the build processes needed for actually shipping the game, don't know the details tbh but it was in part a more streamlined release build from what I recall. the original toolbox had helpers and such likes for making installers and prepping the game for release, it might be worth looking at those in more detail, steam obviously has its own methods, but I suspect the streamlining of the project for release before installers works generically. So really steps (some optional depending what you want to do) are :- 1) Check the shipping flag in the engine and recompile 2) remove cached files that you don't need to ship 3) remove the tools folder 4) set the compile to dso flag and remove the extra .cs files (iirc the main.cs still needs to be a .cs better check other opinions on that one) 5) Create a zip/installer (nsis or inno are still commonly used and updated) 6) profit!
  13. itch.io, as far as I know, is nothing more than a download, create your account make a page for your product and you are good to go. @practicing01 has published on itch maybe he can help. Steam is much more involved @Steve_Yorkshire and @greenfire27 have both published steam projects So we do have users who have the knowledge, and I've pinged them so they will be annoyed with me now :p
  14. The terrain is fully client based and is fully contained in memory which would be the only point of concern, I'm not sure which parts of the environment still use the square size as the basis for cells. Somebody was looking at some form of paging for multiple terrain blocks which might suit better if the aim is both better looking AND bigger. In past experiments I've tried 4K height maps with some success, tho again with the caveat of memory usage, tho I will say this was done before the engine became 64bit engine. I also tried with 8k heightmaps, I don't recommend this unless you have an infinite amount of patience
  15. This seems like it might be a job for MS forums. If the tool you used was this https://github.com/Microsoft/VisualStudioUninstaller then I'm close to the end of my knowledge of VS install/uninstall errors apart from asking about windows versions? are you still on win 7 or did you get win 10? might be an issue in there if still on win 7.
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