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  1. while i'm not a fan of game jams for some of the same reasons, but i am one of those people who wished i could do game jamsI I am also one of those people who believes that failure teaches more than success, and the act of doing something is not entirely time wasted, especially combined with the above point and world view, it may feel like it at the time but if we all got depressed about our mini failures... Game jams, in some respects is very much like game development, its not for everyone. I am very much disappointed in the modern worlds view that if everyone cannot do it then no
  2. no, just from winning
  3. I think codeless features, on the whole, are useful for rapid prototyping, but genuinely hurt new developers/aspiring game devs in the long run as it often hides the true mechanics behind the system, at the same time they introduce often very badly optimised methods for doing things. That said, the guys have made some good strides into making the engine more accessible and friendly over the past couple of years, with suggestions that more is to come for various parts, node graphs etc, and when these are in place I suspect more developers will enhance features by creating node graph systems
  4. There is/was somebody working on a new consistent theme for the new site as well as reworking content to reduce the 'distribution' of stuff, but i'm not sure of its current status. In theory the timing for all of it would be done best at 4.0 launch, where this stuff can be pushed along with official news of the migration to the new organisaton and repository. As far as the download now button... Pre-NeuProjectManager, short of creating a giant installer containing a bunch of modules and examples, with specific instructions on where/how to get more/new modules i'm not really sure the bes
  5. necro thread: bad derail this particular thread: acceptable i'll make this even worse... having accepted all of that criticism a while ago, everything on that list that already exists (do not get me freaking started on joining every fecking social media platform under the sun) is literally now a work in progress trying to improve the situation. ironic twist most of its being done in the background and unless you are part of the real time chat (discord) you can be forgiven for not knowing. begging forgiveness assumptions were made this would be a semi-speedy happening thing the r
  6. usually, its Americans who are misguided about communism and believe the freedom of speech is god-given and absolute, such erroneous thinking rarely extends to EU zone nations which have certain levels of hate speech laws (like or not) and public order laws (again, like or not) that force people to not be rude without consequence. So that's how it works, freedom, of speech or otherwise is not absolute, not even in the USA, certainly not on the internet, you do not have to like it, but that is reality and that's the reality you have to deal with, I mean it's not like you have no options eith
  7. That's a leap of faith that would bring a tear to the eye of even the most devout believer...
  8. Maybe this should be made false, maybe anybody who is part of the 'steering committee' (in quotes because I don't believe a steering committee is needed period) should be a 'contributor' (also in quotes because GitHub is not the only indicator of contribution). Maybe the steering committee fell apart because those not 'active' just faded away and were removed or just removed themselves because of apathy I literally don't know the ins and out and politics, and I'm sure many people will drop torque like the proverbial hot turd if we get a steering committee back and it has politics again. WE,
  9. And yet you seem to break all of them all of the time, and yes I have committed these sins in the past and yes I have 'met' with moderation, so please, while you do happen to be the most deserving, you are by no means alone, you arent special, you are just louder about it :)
  10. I think some of it is boasting, the whole billion polys being crunched to 20 million is really just a decimation algorithm at this point probably being run on some custom and special processing units, in the long run, it will be interesting to see how this translates to the PC sphere and whether or not we are starting to move into the world of even more GPU threads or processor units for high-specification games. It's certainly interesting to watch, especially given the uptake of photogrammetry within gaming. 8K textures are pure boasting, apart from rare and specialist areas, utterly usele
  11. OK, lets have a quick look.... Firstly, try to find a single example where I suggested you shouldn't make suggestions, I dare you. Secondly, try to find a single example where I said any suggestion you made regards engine improvement is dumb, or that I disagreed with improvement, I double dare you. now... Very angry people by nature will stay very angry for nothing :lol: (I also don't need to compare T3D no more to others engines and let that to other people) While it's unknown roadmap, will T3D become as intutive and easy to use about interface, code editor,
  12. and there you go again offering insults and attributing malice, so yes, I do believe you are a troll, I say so because of your attitude and tone, not once have I disputed any of the things you 'demanded' before you 'used' torque, you speak without qualification on may od the issues, you just make demands before doing any research, but you continue to insult and attribute malice, even after being educated by the people who are doing all the work. By all means, get the engine and post some bugs, if you are superior perhaps you can fix some, but it takes a troll to sit and do nothing but criti
  13. the wiki is Wikidot, the general website should be covered by GitHub system, and I did read an article the other day that proves google is making the arbitrary decision for no good reason that effects ranking for no good reason, yet again proves that silicon valley is running your life whether you like it or not. Your website security is not enhanced by https, https is all about data between the endpoints, so if you have a shop then its a priority, you could argue the toss about logins to non-essential sites, but sites that require no user input it's wholly unnecessary. it also doesn't stop Go
  14. why is https such a big deal, I'm pretty sure nobody even knows why it even exists anymore? certainly, if they demand it for everything Also, I'm thinking razer as a troll now, his language is offensive and demeaning, he like duion attributes malice to everything he does agree on, he's also constantly shilling godot on top of that.
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