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  1. I'm having some issues with OpenAL streaming buffers trying to fix the broken SFXSound::setPosition(x), too. Maybe it's related, thanks for the info. By the way, if anybody wants to test streaming sounds make them from sound files longer than 24 seconds. Otherwise they're internally treated like non-streaming samples and the issues don't show.
  2. I recommend to get the .chm files of the script reference that you can get from http://forums.torque3d.org/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=751 There's a lot of info about classes, too. It's my main help guide for scripting. For example you can get info about echo() that is the console print for torquescript.
  3. In less than 18 days I was able to summit a (very) small 3rd person single player beat em' up game for a game jam. The engine is quite versatile and flexible once you're used to it. But I only had experience doing games with RPGMaker before. I don't have enough knowledge of other engines to compare them. The server/client stuff is not easy when heavily modifying the C++ code but once I kind of understood the pack/unpack thing it became doable. As for scripting for single player I think there are good enough tutorials for the few parts where it's needed (change camera, mainly). I ignore t
  4. It's maybe not enough to be in an official list, but I did this little freeware game thing for a game jam: https://irei1as.itch.io/1t
  5. With my old computer Project Manager 2.2 doesn't work. It's because the new VisualStudio suits (2012-2013) from where it is compiled(PM2.2 asks for MSVCR110.dll to work and that file is from those -adding that dll thows an error with FlsGetValue in Kernell32-) don't go very well with WindowsXP. But, well, WindowsXP isn't supported anymore so I won't cry much over it. And if it isn't a WindowsXP issue then it's a problem with the old graphics card and the newest qt. I just grabbed the source of PM2.2 from https://github.com/GarageGames/Torque3D-ProjectManager/releases/tag/v2.2-beta and com
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