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    Have a look at this wiki page for all downloads and explanations of what to download if you need help! The contents of the zip files have changed in version 3.6.1, as explained here, so if you're used to the project structure of versions 3.5 and below, you might be a bit surprised!


    There is a wealth of learning material out there for the Torque line of engines, some of which has been collected here. There is also a collection of knowledge on our wiki. Below are some tutorials that we highly recommend to beginners, but for more comprehensive or specific tutorials we recommend you check the forums or wiki.

    • Setting up the engine A detailed look at how to start working with Torque. If you have trouble getting started, here's the first place you should look!
    • Using the Project Manager A quick look at how to use the Project Manager to create and manage your Torque projects.
    • Scripting damage and destruction Creating damageable objects with animations, different damage levels, and destruction effects. A great introduction to the full process of working with art and scripts together.
    • Deathmatch FPS with AI A tutorial series on creating a deathmatch shooter with AI enemies.
    • Action/tactics hybrid game A lengthy series that shows you how to turn Torque into a Valkyria Chronicles- style turn-based action tactics game. Written by Steve Acaster, developer of Airship Dragoon.
    • RTS prototype Build a basic real-time strategy game from default assets.
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