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The search is over!

Torque2D is a powerful, C++ engine, built on proven torque technology. This legendary engine has been used in hundreds of games by professionals and hobbiests alike. Open-source and completely free, Torque2D is the most cost-effective, 2D engine available today with more raw power then most engines offer at hefty prices. Supported by a resiliant community, Torque2D has what you need for your next hit game!

Develop With Power

Built on proven Torque technology, Torque2D is a powerful C++, openGL game engine. It features a batch rendering system, box2D physics, and complex particle effects!

Create Rapidly

Develop new ideas quickly with a library of existing modules that can quickly be intregrated into your project! Rapid development has never been easier!

Craft With Tools

Rocket Edition is all about the tools! Starting with a powerful Asset Manager and a Project Manager, new tools will be added with each major update until we reach escape velocity!

A Word On Community...

Like its 3D big brother, Torque2D is now developed by the community. Together, we decide what happens next. You're welcome - encouraged really - to jump in and get involved. Or, if you like solitude, work alone. We'll be here to help if you need us.


  • Powerful Asset Management System
  • Flexible Module System
  • 2D Physics using Box2D
  • Re-imagined User Interface Classes
  • Fast Batch Rendering System
  • Spectacular Particle Effects
  • Distance-based Audio Using OpenAL
  • Easy-to-read Documentation
  • Simple 2D Lighting
  • Skeleton and Joints System
  • Obect-to-object Messaging System
  • Supports Multiple Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Tilemap Support Using Composit Sprites
  • Easy-to-use Scripting
  • Advanced Camera Controls
  • Static Sprites, Animated Sprites, Text Sprites, and More
  • Undying Community Support

There's more, but you get the idea. Torque2D has been around in some form for the last two decades. Over the years, features have been added to handle every imaginable game. With the Rocket Edition, that legacy of development continues!

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