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Torque3D is a powerful, C++ engine, built on literal decades of proven torque technology. This legendary engine has been used in hundreds of games by professionals and hobbiests alike. Open-source and completely free with the MIT license, Torque3D is one of the the most cost-effective 3D engines available today with enough raw power and powerful tools to help you bring your ideas to life. Supported by a resiliant and knowledgable community, Torque3D has what you need for your next hit game!

Powerful Technology

Built on proven Torque technology, Torque3D is a powerful C++ game engine. It features a flexible rendering system, extendable Physics and Sound APIs, and world-class out-of-the-box networking

Create Rapidly

Utilizing drop-in modules, powerful asset pipelines, and wide array of prebuild object type examples, building and iterating your ideas is fast and easy

Craft With Tools

With a fully integrated WYSIWYG GUI and Level editor suite, with tools for terrain, materials, datablocks, effects, roads, rivers and more, it's incredibly easy to bring your ideas to life

A Word On Community...

Torque3D is developed and maintained by its community. Together, we decide what happens next. You're welcome - encouraged really - to jump in and get involved. Or, if you like solitude, work alone. We'll be here to help if you need us.


  • Powerful Asset Management System
  • Flexible Drop-in Module System
  • Out-of-the-box World-class Networking
  • Extendable, Network-Aware Physics API System Supporting Ad-hoc, PhysX or Bullet Libraries
  • Integrated GUI Editor with Extensive Default GUI Controls
  • Highly Flexible Render Pipeline
  • Integrated Particle and Effects Systems
  • Extendable Sound API System and OpenAL Plugin
  • Easy-to-read Documentation
  • Full Physically Based Rendering with Both Forward and Deferred Lighting Models
  • Easy-to-use Animation System
  • Highly Customizable Post-Effects system
  • Supports Multiple Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux
  • WYSIWYG Editor Suite with Dozens of Default Tools
  • Easy-to-use Scripting
  • Supports D3D11 and OpenGL
  • Undying Community Support with Direct Contact with the Devs

There's more, but you get the idea. Torque3D has been around in some form for literal decades. Over the years, features have been added to handle all types of games, from fast paced twitch shooters, to turn based strategy games to MMORPGs. With version 4.0.1, that legacy of development continues!

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